Things About Me Thursday | Shawnee, KS Photographer

1. Wow, I’m going to have a baby soon! I’m 36 weeks along! I’m starting to get really excited since it’s so close. I can’t wait to meet him and put a face with the little guy that’s been kicking me for so long! I feel like I already know his personality and he’s going to be cute and playful!

2. I’m really looking forward to having 3 months off from my full-time job. I’m hoping that besides spending time with baby Newton, I’ll be able to concentrate on my photography business. I really need to start marketing and getting my name out there so I will be able to do sessions as my full time job. My photography has taken a back seat this year with being exhausted from being pregnant and trying to get things done before the baby gets here. You should be seeing exciting things this fall. I’m exciting at the potential of Shauna Renee Photography!

3. We sold my 1998 Escort ZX2. This was the perfect car when I was in college, I was sooo excited to get it! It’s been a great car and has seen a lot of the country. We took it to Padre, TX for Spring Break one year, it’s been to CO a couple times, drove to Biloxi, MS, and other random road trips. Lots of memories in that car, but thankfully, it’s going to teen for his first car. Glad it will get lots more use! When I cleaned out the car, I found mixed tapes that I had made from taping songs off the radio. Great memories! I miss 90’s music, a few artists that were on there: Salt N Pepa, Michael Jackson, Monica, Seal, Boys II Men, and other randoms.

4. My sister-in-law, Lynsey, helped us out and took our maternity photos. She did a great job and I really appreciate it! Here are two that I love, I’ll have more up once they are edited! I can’t help it, but look how cute my husband is!

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