They’re Mine | Family Photography

These two are quite the pair…either they’re running around giggling with no stopping them, or fighting over the same toy. Alexandria loves her brother so much and wants to do EVERYTHING he is doing. Charlie is patient with her on most things, but as all of us, he has his moments when he’s not having it. Allie is very stubborn, daring and fear-less, and sweet. She loves her baby dolls, loves books, and gives us kisses. She thinks her Daddy is the best and constantly is looking for him around the house going “Daddy?” if she can’t find him. When he pulls into the driveway after work, she’s at the door excitedly awaiting!

Charlie is my sweet boy that loves his mama. He wants approval and to make people happy. When Allie’s upset, he will go to her and sing “You are my sunshine” until she stops crying. His mind is like his Daddy’s – he just gets how things work and loves building things…especially with legos! He’s always wanting to learn about things, right now he’s very interested in the planets, the moon, stars, directions (N,E,W,&S), numbers, and constantly asking questions on why and how things work. The kids definitely have similarities, but I also love their differences and look forward to seeing their personalities continue to grow. There is an awesome bond between them and I hope it only becomes stronger through life.

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