I was lucky enough to be part of an awesome event called Jadon’s Hope Bug Run.  My friend Katie shot the event last year, but since she moved to Hawaii, she was unavailable this year….which worked out great for me (and, I don’t think she minds since she’s in Hawaii!!!) Anyways, so she referred me to the Bug Run coordinator. As I’ve never shot an event like this, it was all new to me…but very exciting, and even emotional as I listened to their story and how SMA affects other families.

The event is to raise awareness and help fund research for SMA (spinal muscular atrophy).  SMA is a genetic recessive disease that kills more babies than ANY other inherited disease.  It is the number one genetic killer of children under the age of two. 50% of SMA Type I babies don’t live to see their 1st birthday. 90% of SMA Type I babies don’t live to see their 2nd birthday.

Jadon is a miracle – On June 25th, 2010, he celebrated his 1st birthday and on June 25th, 2011, he celebrated his 2nd birthday!  His family is so thankful for each day they get to spend with Jadon and pray for thousands more. You can tell how much passion and inspiration from all involved is in this event, so many people came to show their support – it was awesome to see whole families running together for a great cause. Just from the small amount of time meeting and listening to Jadon’s family on Sat, I felt the warmth and passion they have, and it’s awesome to see them making a difference. You can read much more about Jadon’s story, SMA info, and how to help by visiting http://jadonshope.org/.

It was amazing to see the turnout of runners! They had a 10k and 5k. And, then the Bitty Bug Run…which is the best! Kids 5 and under were so excited to race down to the finish line, and they were adorable. They day started out a little sketchy with rain close by…but it turned out to be a perfect day for a run! I’m so glad to be able to witness the love at Jadon’s Hope Bug Run! I might have to bring my family next year to participate!

To see all the images from the event, check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/ShaunaReneePhotography/

Bug Run Details 166 Bug Run2

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Harper wanted nothing to do with having photos taken of herself…so, I decided to make her my assistant and she did great! So, Ashley and Kyle modeled a bit while Harper helped me get them to smile. After a few poses, she was happy to jump in. Then, she was ready to show off her pretty smile. I’ve loved watching her grow up, our first session started off with her 1 year old images a couple years ago. You can see what a sweet girl she is by how much she loves hugging and loving on her mommy and daddy! Great seeing you Harper girl!

Toddler daughter Toddler with brick wall Family with daughter Down town toddler posesl

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After a long labor and exhausting hospital stay, his parents were happy to bring Benton home. I’m so happy and excited for my baby sister and her husband. I was lucky enough to have a couple days to go spend with my new nephew and his parents. He’s so tiny and seriously adorable, I’m already missing him and ready to go back for more cuddles!

With Charlie, I remember trying to figure out what to do with this new little human they sent us home with, it’s quite the experience for sure! I know you guys will do great. Congratulations to your new little family!

Benton1a Benton3a Benton5a Benton6a Benton7a Benton8a Benton9a Benton10a

Benton11 Newborn baby

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