I love how fall brings a golden light to everything and everyone. We had a beautiful day at the park, everyone was on board for photos except the littlest. Last year, he was the star of the session (click here)…this year he had no interest. But, that happens and you know what? You just give them space, stalk them from afar, and eventually they let their guard down and you can capture a few smiles! I love shooting this family…love their eyes, best outfits ever, and it’s fun to watch them grow each year. Seriously, Lindsey, I love your style and look forward to seeing your outfit choices each year!

Family-on-Park-path Family-photo-at-park Family-Photos-in-a-park Kids-at-a-park Toddler-by-bridge Girl-pose Pose-on-bridge


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These kids make me happy. Lillyan is all smiles as soon as you start talking to her. I love her wide grins and raspberries! Malachi just wants to tell you all things possible. He’s so sweet and wants to share everything with you. My favorite was a joke that he told…and it cracked him up. So, we used it anytime I needed his attention and a smile. If you see him, tell him you want to hear a joke!

Mom-and-son Toddler-girl-pose 5K7A9758 Boy-pose-in-park

Family-in-park Brother-and-sister a Dad-and-daughter Family-poses

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Benton is a pretty content, happy little guy…But, when I pulled the camera out, he was all serious and no smiles! Thankfully, after pulling out some tricks and his Daddy finding his tickle spot…we got some great laughs and smiles! I love when he would flash me that beautiful smile…and oh those squishy cheeks!  Although, I have to say, his serious face is pretty cute too. It was a beautiful day for a photo session and we took full advantage. Kelsey, you have an awesome family, glad I got to capture it!

Family-in-park Family-in-park-Photos Toddler-at-the-park Park-fun Family Couple Blue-eyes-baby 5K7A8857


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