Harper wanted nothing to do with having photos taken of herself…so, I decided to make her my assistant and she did great! So, Ashley and Kyle modeled a bit while Harper helped me get them to smile. After a few poses, she was happy to jump in. Then, she was ready to show off her pretty smile. I’ve loved watching her grow up, our first session started off with her 1 year old images a couple years ago. You can see what a sweet girl she is by how much she loves hugging and loving on her mommy and daddy! Great seeing you Harper girl!

Toddler daughter Toddler with brick wall Family with daughter Down town toddler posesl

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After a long labor and exhausting hospital stay, his parents were happy to bring Benton home. I’m so happy and excited for my baby sister and her husband. I was lucky enough to have a couple days to go spend with my new nephew and his parents. He’s so tiny and seriously adorable, I’m already missing him and ready to go back for more cuddles!

With Charlie, I remember trying to figure out what to do with this new little human they sent us home with, it’s quite the experience for sure! I know you guys will do great. Congratulations to your new little family!

Benton1a Benton3a Benton5a Benton6a Benton7a Benton8a Benton9a Benton10a

Benton11 Newborn baby

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I love taking time to just watch kids do what they do. It’s been gorgeous weather the past few weekends, and we have taken advantage…which is funny since it’s Feb and March. Charlie’s favorite thing right now is to drive his corvette, he’ll drive it all around the driveway and yard til the battery slows him down. He’ll take time to stop and ask us what song he should play on his radio, then take off singing it to himself. Allie finds delight in about everything. She thinks Cheeto (the cat) is hilarious until he knocks her down over and over by rubbing up on her. She also loves throwing balls. I think she’ll be the athlete of the family, as Charlie is the artist. As busy as we are, I have to tell myself to slow down and really enjoy these moments as they’re already going too fast.

Boy Pose 1 Year old poses Boy in corvette 4 Year Old 1 year old with basketball

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Well, my tiny baby is now 1 and not so tiny anymore. A year ago we were adjusting to a new addition to our family, figuring out what she needed, and no sleep becoming the norm. As tired as I was, wishing she’d just sleep through the night, I miss all the days & nights cuddling with her and having her fall asleep on my chest. Now, she doesn’t hold still for a minute…she’s on the go at all times, walking/running after her brother. If she hears the back door open, she’s on her way to see if it’s Daddy walking in, and instantly goes up to his legs to be picked up. She makes us laugh and is just a joy to have in our lives. We love you Alexandria.

For this session, we ended up doing it over two days. Allie had been fighting a nasty cold all week, so day one did not go well. She was tired and fussy and did not want cake or to stay in one place. I got a few good photos out of her, but after this happened, we decided to give up and wait a day. It was the best decision for all.















The next day was much happier, although still hard to keep her in one place, thankfully Michael was there to keep putting her back! This girl is quick!

And, I couldn’t leave Charlie out, he made sure to bring his brother Baby Mickey and Mittens in for the fun.

Smash Cake 1 year old with smash cake Pink smash cake 1 year poses 1 year old baby Charlie

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When I think of my baby sister, I picture a 5 year old or a 13 year old, or even a college student. But, here I am taking her maternity photos….and she’s all grown up. I’m so happy and excited for her and Adam. She’s absolutely adorable with her tummy rounded out with my soon to be nephew inside. I can’t wait to meet him and add him to the family! And, if you didn’t get the hint, she’s decorating the nursery with a sock monkey theme – adorable! Love you guys!


Kelsey03 Kelsey04 Kelsey05 Kelsey06

Kelsey3 Kelsey2 Kelsey08 Kelsey09


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