Once you become friends with Tania, you’re stuck with her forever….and that’s a great thing. She is one of the most sincere, giving, caring, do-anything-for-you type of friends you could ever have! And, what does she do when her best friend from home is sick? She invites her to KC, packs all kinds of fun in the weekend, and then sets up professional make-overs and a Best Friends photo shoot!  You may remember her from our Chicken Session (click here) last summer!

On to Rita…she is amazing. When you meet, she treats you like you’ve been friends for life. She is strong, charismatic, fun, and full of life! No wonder why Tania forced her to be her friend, literally! I am blessed to have met her and we had so much fun with this photo session.

Tania brought some awesome props for a fun and memorial photo shoot. I love the bubbles, and the sunflowers really give a nice pop of color! We had a blast. Rita – I can’t wait to see  you next time you visit!

Cancer-sucks Friend Portraits Blowing Bubbles Friend-Session Upclose faces Portrait Best-Friend-Session Lake Portraits Best-Friends-Photo Lake Photo Session Friends with flowers Friend Hugs Portrait by Lake

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Baby number five, also known as Nate, will be arriving in a little over a month. It’s amazing how the heart expands for each new member of a family… and, there is already an endless amount of love for baby Nate.  This session really puts things into perspective on what truly is important, the loss people go through, and the faith to help us get through life. Instead of going to a park or downtown like most, we met at the cemetery so Lynsey could include all her children into the session. Lynsey, you are as beautiful inside as outside, with incredible strength. And, you look stunning as you have with each and every pregnancy. And to lighten things up…I love Micah’s pirate eye when she smiles!

Please say an extra prayer for the James family as they miss their Canon oh so much and for baby Nate as he goes through a series of surgery after birth.  Look to the Lord and his Strength; seek his face always. Psalm 105:4

Untitled-1 5K7A8330 5K7A8307 5K7A8285 5K7A8281 5K7A8272 5K7A8260 5K7A8256 5K7A8250

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This sweet girl was a dream to work with. She was just so content; actually it’s more than content, she emits happiness to everyone she’s around! She smiles and laughs at her parents, her brother, the balloons, the cake, and even me! And, I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed the cake. Thank you for letting me capture Lillyan with her beautiful smile and those gorgeous eyes!  Seriously…those eyes…

5K7A7966 5K7A7956 5K7A7945 5K7A7935 5K7A7881 5K7A7832 5K7A7827 5K7A7822 5K7A7813 5K7A8067 5K7A7990 5K7A8006 5K7A8059 5K7A7805

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It was a warm and beautiful April day…with crazy high winds! But, it didn’t stop Kelsie from taking gorgeous photos. During the gusts of wind, we’d wait while she tried to calm down her hair, then we’d quickly get some shots in before it started blowing again! She was a natural and easy to capture from behind my camera. She has style and a great smile! Kelsie – good luck with the rest of your senior year and have a fantastic summer!

Senior-Images Senior-laying-in-grass Senior-Photo-Poses Senior-photo-with-tree Senior-pose-urban


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